Saturday, June 25, 2011

Where Has We Been??

 "First, I'm feeling much much better!"

 "But I think he gave whatever he had to mommy and 
Jennifer and Corwyn... and maybe daddy too!"

 "That's why I have not allowed mom on the computer.
I always keep her off the computer when she's not
feeling well.  She had to go Out three times this week,
and being sick on top of that.  ::sigh::  I've had to lay on top
of her quite a bit as well as guarding the door to the bedroom."

 "We're working hard on helping mom with being sick and
stressed too.  Dad went under the house today and found a
busted pipe.  He'd like to get a plumber but mom & dad don't
have any more green papers because of stinky... ummm...
yellow... ummmm... Knives.  Who feels much better now."

"PS Audrey isn't hissing at him hardly at all now!!"

"This is what everyfeeder looked like except daddy this week."

PS mom is having a bladder procedure just to check stuff
on the 6th so purring & praying even if we forgets
to post before then would be a Good Thing!  Thanks!

PPS This is for everycat & feeder (and even woofies) who aren't feeling well. 

Star says, "Actually this is especially for my adorable Admiral and her mommy!!!
I'm sorry I haven't been online my love but I am rushing right over to take care
of you while you are taking care of your mom!!  Kitty kisses & grooming!!"