Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm Featured in a BOOK!!

"What's that? My foster mom Chrystal wrote a book? Am I in it??
I am?! Wow!! Mom!! Get the book right ne-ow!!"

 "This is me when I was first at my foster mom Chrystal's place."

"This is me on January 17th, 2011 on my way to my Forever Home."

"There were SOOOOO many toys for me to play with!"

"This is me sleeping with my twin brother from another mother.
His name is Star. I touch noses and sleep with Star sometimes.
I touch noses and stuff with Zaphy sometimes. I'm still not sure
about Knives but mom says that's okay. As long as we don't
hurt each other that's all that matters. Me, I still think he's stinky
even if we do sometimes play chase down the hall, under the bed
and back down the hall without growling or hissing at each other."
"SEEEEE! This is the book that my foster mom Chrystal wrote!! My whole story is in there from the time I came into my foster mom's life until the time I was delivered to my forever family!! The kitten on the front of the book is Winnie (short for Wintergreen). Her story will make you cry but her story also brought about some very good things. So. First things first. You really really really need to go here and buy my foster mom's book. You can get a softcover or an ebook which will work on Kindle (mom got that one so we could read it right away and then we'll get the other one later). My foster mom gets more royalties if you buy it here and she needs the money to pay for food and toys and medicine and stuff for all of the kitties she saves!! Second, you need to go to my foster mom's blog which has the same name as her book! On the sidebar are pictures of kitties who have been adopted (like me! Just look for the name Sparkles!) and those who need good loving Forever Homes (could that be you??). You can also donate here because near the top of the sidebar is a paypal button you can click to send my foster mom whatever you can afford (even if it's a dollar) to help defray (I like defraying things!!) the costs of sheltering & finding homes. I can't think my foster mom Chrystal enough for helping me find my Forever Home! I'd love to have another sibling from her cathouse but mom says we don't have room for another cat. ::sigh::"