Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Belly UP!

Thomas & Star decided to do team Belly UP!  Both of them were lying on the bed in exactly the same position showing off their bellies.  Star showing his pretty belly star and Thomas just wanting someone to come rub his belly.  And here comes Mister Kitten to see what I'm doing and hoping that he can get in on the treats that Thomas and Star have already had this morning.  Now if I can just give them to him without two other boys mugging me!!  Yay!!  Thomas came up but when I told him these were for Mister Kitten he stopped and just sat.  Good boy!!  Corwyn just popped in to say, "Mister Kitten is my good boy!"

This means that I need to run and take Cordude to the doctor's office.  He's home from school today with a hurt knee.


 Doctor Cat will see you now.
And proceed to sit on your chest.