Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Meowmy!! We Wanna Post!!

 "Hi!!  Mom's been really really tired and stuff but I've been having fun in this tunnel thingy.  My twin brother of another mother says I have lazer eyes just like him!  He's been teaching me to be a Ninja.  Why does mom say that's a bad thing??"

 "Mom's computer programs have been being bad.  I offered
to eat them for her but she said I eat too much already.  I told
her I only weigh 14.5# and I'm staaaaaarving!!  No, really!!"

 "Hey!  Hey!  Hey!  When are you going to
open the window so I can go out mom??"

"Jen here!  This is me at my graduation with my mom!"

"We were going to go to Jen's graduation but we couldn't get OUT!"