Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh Nurse Cat!!

::sigh::  So this is what happened.  My surgery went well.  I was in the hospital until the 6th.  I came home to four very worried Nurse Cats.

"I think you should get into bed right now and give me treats!"

By the weekend, after resting amongst the purring of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde and reading my Honor Harrington collection again (okay, I lie, I'm only up to Echoes of Honor),  I was up to setting the laptop on my right leg.  [BTW  you should say thank you for me not searching for batteries for the camera to take pictures of the bruises I had from the thigh down.  heh]  I pull out my laptop and... humh?  emaillllllllll, where arrrrrrrrrrrre youuuuuuuuu??  ::sigh::

"Now mom, you know that it's quite important that
you do your exercises, elevate & ice your knee, and give us treats!"

Now, when last we saw our intrepid Feeders of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde, their dad was going to have to get a CAT scan to find out if he needed surgery on his broken arm.  To no one's surprise, he did indeed have to have surgery.  Dale went in yesterday to have either screws or screws & a plate put in to stabilize the bone.  Of course, since I couldn't drive... well, Dale ended up with the drummer from two of his bands being his surrogate 'wife'.  He got home about 1730 having joined the People With Metal Bits in Their Bodies by having two screws put into his.

"Don't worry mom, we've got dad covered.  Really!!"

Today I managed to get my browser/email up & limping... iow I can now once again receive mail but whatever has been sent to me recently??  Ummmm, Star?  Zaphoid?  Thomas?  Mister Kitten??  What?!  None of you took messages while I was gone?!  Poohbears!  Okay, assume I have nothing... nada... gar nichts!  Well, I shouldn't say that.  I have four treat snatching... ummmm... bed space robbing... ahhhh... okay, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde just happen to be the prettiest, smartest, & purriest kitties in the whole wide world.... what?  Moi?  Prejudiced?  Why ever would you think that??  ::grin::

"I thought my Cat Daddy Corwyn brought in the mail."

"Yes, your recovery seems to be coming along nicely."

 "My!  This nursing gig is exhausting!!"

"Let's just hope we can get them to sleep again tonight!"


PS while mom was in the hospital Jennifer & Corwyn fed us when daddy wasn't around, but he would come home to take take of us.  What a goooood daddy he is!!

Naaaaaaah, I don't like chocolate!  Not one itty bitty bit!  ::snicker::  Actually, I made the first graphic when someone asked for one with this saying & then made the second one on a whim one day.
The word 'chocolate' is linked to the front of the Medicinal Chocolate section.  The left side takes you to Things You Use & the right takes you toThings You Wear...each of those has each of these separately!