Friday, January 20, 2012

Testing of the Trees... (& Our Review at the Bottom)

 "Hmmmm, I think I hear the living room cat tree calling me."

 "Ah yes!  Now that this is up against the wall it isn't as wiggly!
And this is the perfect place to look outside!"

 "Hey!  You're interrupting my window watching!!"

 "Scram!!  Go away stinky ole' Knives!!"

I can't find the ai file to pull the original graphic but this is the one I got on my new coffee mug  (it looks great on the mug by the way!).  I wanted to review the cat trees.  I paid under $40 for each.  They look great!  The big fault is that they are both wobbly.  However, there is an easy fix.  I found that just setting them up against a wall makes this problem go away, although if your cat is heavy you might want to put it in a corner or use an anchor.  The smaller tree (the beige one) has smaller platforms.  All three cats that I've put on the top platform have chosen to jump down from there as opposed to going down to the lower level.  That said, they did like the bottom condo as well as the top platform and I think they will use the middle platform to get up to the top.  This tree would be good for kittens as well as mini-kitties.  If anyone has any questions about either of these feel free to ask me!!  I'll review the tent once we've actually used it outside which may not be until Spring!  The last box will be here today!!  Our next post will be about the new window perch (going into the kitchen) as well as new toys toys toys!!  (and greenies and Pernicious Flea stuff)