Monday, February 7, 2011

Me-om!! S/He's Looking at Me!!

 "I had absolutely nothing to do with hissing
at my stinky brother Knives.  I swear!"

 "That was not me looking at her and cornering her
behind the toilet!  It was my Evile Twin!!  No, really!!"

 "HA!!  I got here fir-rst!  I got here fir-rst!  I got here fir-rst!!"

 "Seriously, they just need to learn to walk away.
But they do actually touch noses occasionally.  I mean, come on, Audrey only hisses at us when she gets startled or scared!"

"Mom has been wanting to put in some new graphics in our shop.  The thing is that she has health stuff that flares, especially with stress & weather changes.  That's why sometimes our blog isn't updated until late in the day.  There are about 10 new graphics that will be going in at some point.  Also, mom promised her kittens that she'd make a Latin section of cats with Latin mottos.  She has two made but will make more.  Don't forget, all of the graphics our mom puts on our blog link to the section in our shop where you can find things with that graphic on them!  We hope you'll take a look because if we ever make money from it that money will go to our food/toy/vet fund.  Thanks!!"

PS "Once our new water fountain comes in this week we'll review water fountains on our blog.  Our other new things should be here tomorrow... wheeeeee!"