Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Breaking News Story!!

Yes, it's true!  The cats are still sleeping on the bed!!  Well, except for emo kitty, who is still emo.  Zaphy has been spending all of his time on the landing in front of the door to Jennifer's room.  His head resting on the top stair, waiting for her to come back from her father's house.  "Where is my girl??  I can't meow in front of her door in the morning, pleading for her to let me in so that I may lay on top of her and clean her ears if she is not here!!  Oh wooooooeeeeee is meeeeeeeee!!"  The other cats think he is silly and spend their time as always.  Thomas started out on the other side of Dale, then on the top of Dale's head, moved in between us, and ended up on my body pillow.  He stayed there for the rest of the night, even though I got up twice.  Thomas loooooves me!  ::grin::

this graphic just got changed to make sure that it fits well on the t-shirts
more of the graphics in the shop will be changed as well! 

Right now Star is sitting beside my chair so I should probably see what he wants.  ::pause::  Ah, a cuddle and after some "Show me!" it turned out that the food bowls need renewing from the Big Bowl™.  Of course, he couldn't eat from any of the bowls but his bowl.  You know that multiple cats in a household establish a hierarchy.  In this house it goes, Thomas/Mr. Kitten with Thomas usually winning the staring/pushing/height contest, Zaphoid, and Star.  Although I should say that I have occasional staring contest with the alpha cats so that they know who is the real Alpha Kat in the house!!

My husband's Christmas present shirt came today.  This is a Good Thing since he can go show it off to his brother.  ::weg::  I may have to get him the coffee cup for his birthday which comes up next month... muahahahahahahaha!  I made the icon for this a little larger so that you can see the "dictionary entry" on the graphic.

 this link goes to the page that has both the cat and the plain graphic