Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mom Still Sick

 "The Ninja Kitty Laser Eyes of Doom protect the sick mommy."

 "Let me get this straight.  Her heads been hurting for days,
she 'sausted, her back muscles are locked up, she's having
migraines & most used up her iv Imitrex, going back & forth
with a low low grade feber and now her throat hurts??" - Audrey

"Yep.  Now that the benefits card is unlocked mom can go see
her pcp tomorrow since the copay is a lot less then urgent care
($50) or ER ($100).  On Tuesday she's gonna see the doctor at the sleep clinic at Vandy.  We're all keeping an eye on her." - Star

"We've been lighting candles for others.  A high school friend
of mom's lost her father.  Another friend had a Forever Home
for a dog they'd rescued fall through (on the day they were
taking Javert there too!!).  And many friends have been sick."

(pictures taken by Jennifer)