Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day Two... Second Annual Everycat Sleeping Contest!

Here we see an excellent example of a SuperCat catnapping pose.
No new catnappers yet but keep tuned to this blog for more entries!!
Remember, you'll get a Supr Specal Graphic as a prize
to put up on your blog showing that YOU WON!!

The rules are very simple!

1.  You must be a cat.  Woofies can not play.
2. You must post a picture on your blog or send a picture to
mom so she can post it on our blog. (yes, that means that
anycat who doesn't have a blog may email it!  Please put
the link in a comment (you can put it here or in any of
our posts!),we'll try to make mom post regular updates!

3. For our Second Annual Everycat Sleeping Contest, you
must have your entry in by the 1st (first) day of November.

4. Then everycat will vote for their favorite
(yes, you can vote for yourself!) pose.

5. There will be catagories, such as Best Kitten, Best Tummy,
Best SuperCat etcetera. Mom says that if you think of a particular catagory you like to mention it in a comment or email us.

Our first entries are IN!!  Let's give them a rousing MEOW!!

2. Mr. Puddy (last picture)

Keep tuned in for more entries to our Second Annual Everycat Sleeping Contest!!  Check other blogs to see who were winners
in last year's First Annual Everycat Sleeping Contest!!  We'll try
to help make mom post all the entries several times when it's
time to vote!!  Remember, vote early, vote often!!  Oh yeah,
this year, we're going to let you put in more than one pose so
long as it fits a different catagory!!  ::kitty giggles:: 
We're all looking forward to seeing your catnapping skills!!