Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Picking Out a Holiday Shirt... oh the agony!! Star! come help!

Now you see, I have a very limited budget.  Make that a very limited budget.  So if I'm going to get myself one of my own holiday shirt designs I really should only get one.  Here in lies my dilemma.

Dilemma the first... do I get a long sleeve shirt or a sweatshirt?

Dilemma the second... which one do I pick????  I mean, after all, I made these.  They're my babies!  I created them for several reasons.  One, some of them were designed because I had never seen anything out and about for that holiday.  Two, you just don't see a lot of cat holiday designs... well, you can find some, but I've had a hard time finding ones I really like.  Yes, I admit it... they came out of sheer selfishness.  Third, having had friends drag me into CafePress in the first place... and it's all their fault... ::sigh::  Hi!  My name is Kat and I'm addicted to creating cat designs for a CafePress shop!

Anyway... the agony of the choice, which honestly could be helped by Star.  He's been trying to get up on the computer desk again.  I'm not sure if it's because he wants to contact someone on Facebook or wanting me to get off and go lay down so he can have a better lap.  Where were we?  Oh yeah!  Which design to pick.  These are the ones that I like... the hard part is deciding what to get... ::sigh:: 

and then I also like...

What's a woman to do??  I mean really!  Heaven knows that I need new holiday shirts... but... there's no money in the budget.  ::sigh::  ::big deep sigh::  There must be a way... ::narrows eyes::  Let's see... penny and penny saved up shall make many... hmmmmmmm.....  Oh!  And I even had other designs put back that I didn't put into the store!!!  Yes, it's true... I keep coming up with cats.  ::lowers head::  Put on the cuffs occifer... I'm guilty.