Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back Already Hurting... Where Are The Nurse Cats??

My back is already hurting and I've only been at the desk for about an hour.  meh.  I do have work from the day job coming in that's complex.  All of the cats deserted me last night.  Star has decided that the clothes basket full of linen to be made into medieval clothing makes the perfect cat bed.  ::grin::  There are three yards of red linen folded up on the top of the stack and I caught him yesterday 'grooming' the fabric!

I've also got to run out & pick up a tire as well as get the tires rotated on the van... wheee!  Which means that I'll take sewing projects with me.  I've been sewing by hand since I taught myself when I was eleven.  I wanted a Prairie Bonnet & dress and didn't have a sewing machine... ergo the only solution in my mind was to teach myself to sew.  I've improved over the years.  My first attempt came out too small because I didn't realize I need to leave a seam allowance.  I didn't have a pattern so I was using my own clothes to make one.

Right now I'm making some medieval clothing as well as some nightgowns for myself.  The cats are helping.  No, really!  They like supervising cutting the fabric as well as sewing itself.  It's serious work picking out the correct thread, making sure that I'm threading the needle properly, folding over the seam... ::grin::  Well, I need to run... more later!!