Friday, April 15, 2011

Blog the Change!! Daily Dose of Dogs (AKA Cats With Your Coffee)

For Blog the Change today we'd like to sing the praise of Our Hero Chrystal!!  She is a private rescuer.  She was our own Lady Audrey Nova StarWatcher neè Sparkles Foster Mom.  On her blog daily dose of dogs (aka cats with your coffee) you will find the heartwarming stories of the many many many cats and dogs that she has rescued, cared for and found new Forever Homes.  We adore her!!  That's one of the reasons we keep the story of Audrey on the left sidebar of our blog along with a link to Chrystal's blog.  Chrystal, her husband and her two daughters do all of this tremendous tremendous work out of their great love of animals.  They don't get paid for any of this!  Well, any green papers.  Just the love of the animals they take into their home and the donations of those of us who can afford it.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde and their Feeders don't have a lot of green papers.  But rather than ask you for some today or even ask you to buy anything from our store, we'd like you to go over to Chrystal's blog and please take a minute to donate to her private animal rescue!!  Even if it's just a few green papers.  Or ask her for her address so you can send some coupons!  When we went to meet her to pick up Audrey we didn't have any toys or foods or green papers to donate so we cut out all of the coupons we could to give her (especially the woofie stuff since we don't have any woofies).  Whatever you have.  Whatever you can spare.  And if you have the room in your heart and home to provide a Forever Home for one (or more!) of the furfriends currently living at Chrystal's home, trust us.  You will love them.  If you have the chance to meet Chrystal you will meet one of the most incredible people on earth.

Trust me.  I have been rescuing cats for over 30 years now as an adult and come from a family of rescuers.  She and her family are a blessing to every animal who come under their hands.  We feel blessed to know them and even more blessed to have Audrey in our lives.  Thank you Chrystal.  You are Our Hero!