Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hard Time Choosing...

"We've put up five sections under clothing for Winter Holidays.  The problem is that we don't have any more space.  So we're definitely going to have to take down more so that we can get up all of the Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas, & Winter Holiday clothing, cards, & other stuff into the shop!  Mom's mom got the "What? What??" design in the two different card stock types last year while
mom got it as an ornament and it looked really great!"

Gray Cat has been... behaving... like Gray Cat!!

Something Must Come Down!!

"Wow!  We're exhausted because mom was working so hard to get the Halloween section in today!!"

"Harumph!!  Momma didn't even pay attention when we tried to mug her at lunchtime for extra treats!!  Unfair!!"

"We're going to have to take things out to put up the Winter Holiday section.  We'll be adding that Real Soon Now.  We're not sure yet what will be coming down but are willing to listen to suggestions.  Especially if suggestions come along with treats!!  purrrrrrrrrrr"

"I think that this is my favorite section!"