Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Death in a Friend's Family

One of my best friend's son went over to his dad's house today because they hadn't heard from him in a few days.  He was found dead and had obviously been dead for a few days.  The coroner is there now.  She and her daughter were en route as I spoke to her.  Both children have partners and infants and all of them live with their mother because of their economic situation.  So this is a major stresser.  Add to that their dad's father is due to have surgery tomorrow, and having his son found dead is not likely to help his recovery.

Their dad lived in the country and had a cat and a dog who will need good loving forever homes.  He lived in Nashville, TN.  Once she can get me pictures I will post them here.  Candles, prayers, energy, etcetera are extremely appreciated.  Turnia has health issues of her own, although some of them are getting better.  She asked me to let you folx know, and said that spreading the prayer/energy request would be a blessing.  Thanks... I'm off to go get a prescribed massage... which is a Good Thing, since it's likely I'll be called on frequently over the next week or so.

Mister Kitten!

"Zaphy here with a super special report!(Me-om! Why do I have to sound so formal?)Mister Kitten put Mom to sleep leaving me and my young Mommy to update you on our adventures yesterday.
Let me tell you it was not fun."
Yesterday, I went out and had my Senior pictures done. Of course I had to have Zaphy in one set. He is my cat after all. I wanted to mess with people's heads and thus had him on the leash.("I'm never wearing that thing again....ever!")....It didn't go as planned as he protested against the leash...However it was fun.("Are you insane, Mom?")No. First I had my formal pictures done and than my first set of casual pictures alone. At which time Zaphy attempted to get out of his leash for the second time and scratched me enough to draw blood.("Me-om! It was an accident!")Uh....After that I went and got into my kimono which I was using for my set with Zaphy since he is an Oriental cat. After that we took a set with me in front of bamboo. We discovered it would have been better for all if we had just let Zaphy sit on my lap or beside me.("Of course, Mom.")Oh well....At least that's over and done with.("Yes! Freedom! No leash!")Zaphy's very happy about this.
Signing off.
Me and my Young Mommy!

"See?  This is what I was doing!!  Mom should get a food bowl just for me!!