Monday, October 25, 2010

Spoons, Spoons, Spoons! and Mister Kitten





 "Wasn't me!"

for a friend, who needs some spoons

That's Taking a Looooong Time Mom!!

 "So da kids were at their dad's house this weekend.  Dad was in Memphis at a gig.  (He's going to be playing in Smurfreesboro this Saturday too!!) So we decided that mom should rest this weekend."

"She went to the eye doctor's office today.  Tomorrow she'll see a neurologist, a psychologist, and a painologist.  I think that's right.
So that's why we made her rest.  She probably won't be around tomorrow and we'll make her rest Wednesday too."

"Mom has to put in the price changes for each section by hand!!  That takes a long time!!  But this section is done!!  Whoot! 
(and mom found one section wasn't even showing!)"

"Mom's working on this section now but she's not sure when it'll be done.  She's going to put all of the Halloween stuff on sale first and then all of the Breast Cancer stuff.  The Halloween stuff will come down the second week of November (so other Winter stuff can go up).  The Breast Cancer section will stay on sale through Christmas."