Friday, April 9, 2010

Thomas Asserts Himself

Perhaps it's Spring in the air.  Perhaps it's because he wants to have all of the treats.  Perhaps it's just because he's the eldest.  Whatever the reason, Thomas has been asserting his rights as King of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde Pack.  Harrumph!  So There!  Batting everyone around, trying to be in First Place, and generally being a bully.  Of course, this only means that I begin asserting My Rights as Head of the Pack.  I begin staring into his eyes until he breaks contact.  muahahahahahahaha!  I swat him when he swats someone else or throw him off of the bed.  I make him get treats last.  ::weg::  (this last really irritates him)  In general, I let him know that Momma Ain't Playin' That Game.  ::narrows eyes at Thomas::  He will continue getting this treatment from me until he starts behaving in a manner that I approve of, in other words, as a gentleman cat.

Thomas asserts himself with his brother.

No appointments today so I hope to get some things done in the shop, provided CafePress will let me!!  Yesterday it wasn't letting me put things into the new sections.  ::sigh::  Cross your paws!!  If it doesn't today, I'll try putting in some new graphics.  I have "I'm with her" & "I'm with him", a "Graduation Cat" (that will be in both cards & regular!), and I'll have to make a "Teacher Cat" as well for those who want to give gifts to teachers!!  Oh yes!  I got a massage yesterday for the first time in ages!  It was wooooonderful!!