Friday, September 9, 2011

We's Been Gone...

 "Truly, we hasn't been sleeping on the job." - Audrey
"Psssst!  That's always our job!" -Star
"Oh, yeah.  Waitaminute!  Isn't mom our job??" - Audrey

 "We have NOT been snoopervising.  No, really!!"

 "We abosolutely did NOT pick the paint color!!" - Zaphoid
"I dunno, I think it goes well with my fur color." - Knives

"SO.  Why haven't we been here??  Only the Shadow Cat knows!!"

PS Mom's going through some tough stuff so it may be
hit & miss for a bit longer.  Mom was appropriately shocked
when she looked at the last date and we all got GOOSHY FOOD!!!
WHOOT!!  Hmmmm, maybe we should help her forget more often?
Nah, we don't like her to hurt more.  ::kitty kisses::
(and grooming from Star to his Adorable Admiral!!)