Sunday, November 15, 2009

Food... filling the Big Bowl™ followed by delivering the brown bag

First, my husband brought in the bag of cat food from the car.  None of the cats were around so it didn't get torn open, which is what normally happens.  First, I filled the Emergency Cat Food Container™.  This is a small plastic container with a tight lid that holds about two days worth of food (We buy Iams because it lasts long for us than the other brands... well Science Diet is good too but I digress).  We do this because we know that once the emergency food is opened and poured into the Big Bowl™, it is time to buy more cat food.

After that was done, I filled all of the bowls with the last of the cat food in the Big Bowl™.  Trust me, there's a reason for this.  This leaves the Big Bowl™ empty.  heh heh heh.  Then I fill up the Big Bowl™  with the fresh food.  I make a crater in the center of the food, pour the old cat food into it, and then stir it all up with the scoop.  muahahahahahahahahahaha!  Because when you do that, they think that all of the food coming out of the Big Bowl™ is fresh.  Fresh is goooooooood.

Then I got started on some bags for church.  I was too exhausted to make Eucharist, but today was the day for us to turn in our food bags so I wanted to make sure I got by there to drop off our bag of food.  I also had a bag of colored pencils and some arts & crafts things which might help for the Craft fair next week (Gee!  I'd better get busy!) and then go to the littles classes.  I also passed out a bunch of my cards.  I really really really really need to get some sales  from the shop.  ::sigh::  But the cool thing was that when I went to see our Priest (he was the last person I spoke to) he felt it was a fortuitous meeting.  It seems that St. Paul's Episcopal in Murfreesboro, TN is working on it's own CafePress Shop! (yes, I'll be nice and let you know when it's up and running!)  At any rate, I'm exhausted again so I'd better go lay down before Star comes up and forces me to go to bed!!  Now I just have to figure out what to read!