Friday, March 11, 2011

It's Friday Night...

 The kids have gone to their dad's house, my husband is working on the house, I've already had my afternoon nap with help from Zaphoid & Knives (who ran off Audrey) and I'm about to get off of the computer.

"Three new graphics being considered for Our Shop.  Do let us know if you'd like to have these up as well as the ones mom draws!"

A friend of mine has just lost her father.  She's had to spend a great deal in gas & such traveling back and forth from her home to her parents' house and the hospital.  In addition to this she has health issues & prescriptions to fill.  She's looking for a short-term loan if anyone has a wee bit of money, even just a few dollars, she can pay it back.  If you don't, please send her purrs & prayers etcetera.  This has been very stressful for her!!  Her service dog & cat are helping but the more purrs & prayers (and grrrrs!) she gets the better!!