Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Busy! Busy! Busy!

"Mom's going camping this weekend (and she's not taking us!
no fair!!), so we're all going to be busy, busy, busy!!
Mom's working on clothes because it's a medieval reenactment.
But my other younger mom who's been in Savannah with her 
Girl Scout troop is coming home Saturday night!!  Yay!!"

 "Right, whatever.  So long as I get fed, I'm not worried!"
"This is mom.  We are staying out of her way!!
She said something about already having the T-shirt
but we don't remember it coming here.
We must have been sleeping."

Two Late Contestants!!

"What's that??  Oh!!  It looks like a couple of new contestants in the First Annual Everycat Sleeping Contest!  We have two pictures from Fiona & Harry that we're posting as well   Enjoy!!"

Samantha & Clementine!

"Now Harry & Fiona!  If you hurry hurry hurry (like you are chasing a mousie!) and we see it before 1500 CST we'll post it here!"

"Harry & Fiona!"