Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Introducing New Cats to Hordes...

 "Someone asked earlier how to introduce new kitties to an established cat horde.  So I thought I would pass along my
mom's method to everycat in case anyone else is planning to
adopt another furfriend (and all of you should if you can!!)."

One of the best ways I've found to introduce cats is to put a fragrance, one that I use myself, on each cat's head or between
their shoulder blades.  This makes them all smell the same.  Cats identify prides by scent.  Another thing that I do is to sleep with a couple of towels or wear two shirts so they get my scent on them
and then have the cats sleep on them as well (or rub them all over their faces where the scent glands are).  Then I switch up which
cat(s) has which towel/clothing.  This gets them used to the
scent.  Once they've done this, I begin having them in the same
room with me.  Whenever they get near each other without
hissing or striking out I praise, pet & give treats.  Once they stop growling I do the same.  If they misbehave, I pick up the offending cat and toss them gently away and then immediately praise, pet & treat the cat who was hissed, struck or growled at.  Rinse & repeat!!  It can take some time but I have rarely had failures with this method.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner! or Do We Still Have That Third Litter Box?

 "Is that Star??  No!!  It's our new sister!!"

 "I've been helping mom make arrangements
to pick her up on Saturday!"

 "Hey mom!  We can use one of these water bowls
for her food but you need to fix our fountain!"

 "Is she here yet??  Is she here yet??"
 "I think I'll nap until my 'twin' Sparkles
gets here to her new Forever Home!"

"Everycat & Feeder at our house is sooooo excited!!
We can hardly wait for Saturday!!"