Friday, June 17, 2011

First There Was This Party...

 "I loved everycat who came to celebrate my birthday!!!  Thank you all soooo much!  I hope that you enjoyed the water heater breaking down so that we had water to sploosh around in and put kitty paw prints all over the house!!  Wheeeeeeeeeee!!"

 "We did have some trouble cleaning up afterwards because the dishwasher broke down.  I think it was my Arch-Nemesis.  Even if we are becoming more friends like and I hard hiss at him more than three times a day.  The Feeders got a new hot water heater put in on Monday.  Why are they ignoring us for this stuff???"

 "Okay!  Who took the picture of me after I had all that catnip??"

"I had a good time but now I'm not feeling so good.  Mom took me to the vet yesterday.  I had been doing fine and then Wednesday I just laid around all day... yeah, yeah, I know, I know, I do that all the time but mom said I was doing it differently.  So she checked on me latter when I was still doing it and I felt hot.  DO YOU KNOW WHAT SHE DID????  The shock!!  The horror!!  Then she said I had a fever of 105.1 and she called the vet.  He said to give me a baby aspirin and bring him in the morning.  So the next morning we went in... mom, Corwyn and me.  More indignities!!  Harrumph!!  My bloods were good and the vet said he thought I had an upper respiratory infection.  He gave me antibiotic liquids (ICK!) and I can't see anyone but my feeders until I'm looking healthier.  Darn ole' discharge."

Between bills for car, house, Jen being in the hospital & Knives we're... short.  Prayers for Knives & Jen and us finding what we need to make through would be greatly appreciated.