Thursday, April 22, 2010

What time is it??? or How to Keep Mom Sleeping...

Once again I had trouble getting to sleep last night.  Well, evidently my family decided that they shouldn't wake me up as they went through their morning routines.  The cats conspired with them to keep me sleeping by putting me in the Triangle of Sleep.  Zaphy took up the window seat spot.  Mister Kitten was opposite him on the bed and Star was up beside by my head.  I was toast.  I woke up just enough to remember my husband's farewell kiss as he left for work.  "Ha!" said Da Boys, "She is completely in our power!"  With Thomas at my feet I had no choice but to sleep until... 11?  12? 

"Ah-ha!  She is in our power!  Let's make her sleep more Boys!"

 I am still being bombarded with Kitty Power Vibes.  There is a front coming in which means that I'm having a fibro & arthritis flare (joy of joys!).  As a result, Zaphy is guarding the window ("That makes the weather stay away, right mom??").  Mister Kitten has just returned to the bed after his morning adventures ("Hey mom!  I helped you stay asleep, but I gotta have my morning adventures!!").  Star is going back and forth between his usual poking about under the bed & around my things whilst trilling at me ("I need to make sure you're still paying attention to me, mom!") and getting up on the bed and trillpurring at me ("What does that mean, mom??"  "It means that you're trilling and purring at the same time, Star"  "Oh.  Do other cats do that, mom?"  "Very few Star"  "Huh.  I wonder why?  I'd better finish teaching that to the kitten.").  He's also trying to use the computer.

The bag... in honor of Earth Day!!