Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tired Thursday: A Beginners Course in Napping...

"Thank you for joining me for Tired Thursday where we will learn
the best way to nap following Sink Exercises with Mister Kitten.
Obviously, the first thing you need to do is to nap in the sink.
For those students who are afraid of the sink or 
who are not allowed on the counter, 
you may skip this step and eat some extra food."

 "When you first get out of the sink you may find yourself
being slightly unsteady because of exercising so hard.
Because of this you should sleep using the buddy system.
(If you don't have another cat in the house, you may substitute a dog,
Feeder, pillow, or favorite toy.  As you can see, the first nap
after exercising can still give you problems even with a buddy!!

"Because of this, you may find it beneficial to find a new buddy
or a new site to have your nap.  This is fine since you need
to take at least five or six... or seven or eight or... 
mmmm napppp.  What was I saying???  Oh yes.  
This is much easier if you live in a multicat household like 
the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde."

"Of course, if you have a preferred napping partner,
it is purrrrfectly acceptable to nap with them exclusively.
This is called monogomousnapping.
If you monogomousnap, see about getting matching collars."

 "Make sure not to leave your Feeder out when you nap.
It is imperative that you nap on them... 
prefurrably on more than appendage.
Time it just as they need that appendage."

"This concludes today's lesson.  Thank you for joining us
for Tired Thursday: A Beginners Course in Napping
Following Vigorous Exercise with Mister Kitten.
Please join us whenever we decide to have another lesson,
I  can't tell you when or what, I have to take this call."

mmmmmm organic cotton t-shirt... whoot!!