Thursday, March 3, 2011

What All Moms & Dads Need Today...

 "No, you don't need to know how much you weigh.  Nu, nu, eat... you're so thin, how you gonna get a new kitty, you're so thin??"

 "But you do need to take the baby for a walk.  No, really!!"

 "However, after that, it's time for a nap... or maybe two."

"And incredible cuteness.  New studies have shown that cuteness helps ease the pain of migraines, depression, chronic pain and
aids in insomnia.  Trussssst us!!  We are expurrts!!"

"This is mom this week.  Knives and I are making her feel
better though!  He's in the window perch and I'm laying down
on the floor under him after mom kept telling me that he had
it first today.  I'm being soooOOOooo good.  (even if I didn't
come in from outside when mom wanted to come in
and she had to pick me up and carry me hissssss)"

PS if you love black cats like everyone in my Forever Home, please check out Handsome!  He looks like me and he is lovey dovey too!!  Thanks!! - Audrey