Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Router & Sale & Bouncing... Oh MY!

First of all, Star and I confirmed with our cable guy this morning (it was a guy who answered the phone ergo...) that the router was on the UPS truck.  Then we waited.  Normally the truck hits here mid-morning.  Nooooo truck.  But that was okay.  Star and I just kept going outside with a book every hour and a half and sitting for a bit watching the pot to see if it would boil.  ::sigh::  Nooooo truck.  My kids came home.  My daughter scared Mister Kitten and my son found him hiding under my bed.  Well, that's not entirely true since I have a waterbed.  He was just under the quilt hanging over the side... but still.  So I suggested that Corwyn tempt all of the cats to his room with TREATS! while my daughter did her homework.  Still noooooooo truck.

Finally my daughter had finished all but one project and went to her room to take a nap (hey!  it's tiring being a Junior!).  By this time it was 17:30 (that's 5:30 to Thomas who just tried to help again).  Riiiiiiiiiing.  YES!  The doorbell!!  Roooouuuuuuuttttttttteeeeeerrrrrrrr!!  Oh, and a package for Jennifer... who wouldn't wake up to open it.  But that was okay, Star and I went ahead and installed the router.  Whoot!!  And while we were doing that we noticed something... I actually sold something this month!  Hey!  $2.40!!  Okay, it's not much but it's something.  I needed that.  Not the $2.40 because I won't actually see it, it'll go towards the price of the site (about $6 a month) but just having made a sale.  I'd like to get to the point where I could do things like oh, say, get greenies for da boys, extras for the kids (yearbooks are up to $70!  eeep!), and such.

This is what they got, and one was sold last month too!
The women's dark t-shirt in violet!

Da boys have decided that tonight is Bouncy Night!!  First Star, after he discovered that I still wouldn't let him walk all over the laptop keyboard (and that there was no place to sit on top of it either), took off bouncing on top of any cat within pouncing distance.  Then Mister Kitten had to get in on the game because, well, anything Star can do Mister Kitten thinks he can do better... and then gets proven wrong, but that's another story!  But the shocking incident of the evening was when Thomas and Zaphoid joined in!!  Zaphy bounced right off the bed but Thomas did manage to maintain his dignity and restrained himself in time to plop back down and return to sleeping.

And It's Star for the Pin!

Last night Star and Mister Kitten were playing wrestling.  One would think that Mister Kitten would come out on top since he's the larger of the two.  However Star is the master wrestler!  It was Star for the pin three out of three.  Once on the bed.  Once on the bedroom floor.  And once in the hall.  Then it was time to play chase each other up and down the hall!!

Thomas and Zaphoid, being Senior Cats, disdain these types of antics.  They would rather hang out on the bed, on the cat tree, or roll on the driveway.  In fact, they are the masters of rolling on the driveway.  Thomas, being the eldest cat of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde, takes the field with rolling on the driveway.  Almost any time you come upon him when walking on the driveway he will stop walking and give you one of his cute rolls.  He is an expert is making you go "awwwwwww!"  I think Zaphoid is much more concerned with just scratching his back.

Now Star has the habit of greeting you when you pull into the driveway.  In fact, he gets quite upset if he doesn't manage to greet you.  You must stop and give him pettings, telling him what a beautiful boy he is as well.  The odd thing is, that lately he has been mugging everyone for pettings.  Using his Ninja Skills, he captures you and forces you with incredible cuteness until you love on him.  Mister Kitten, on the other hand, has taken up the role of Aloof Cat for the nonce.  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde love to keep us jumping!!

This links to the mousepad... but I have the T-shirt!  ::weg::