Sunday, January 2, 2011

Purrs & Prayers & Calendars...

 "We got a phone call from mom's friend Julie on New Year's Day.  She told us that baby Scarlett (her grandbaby, the daughter of mom's godson & his wife) had gone to the pediatric ER.  Scarlett is still in the PICU where they are monitoring her for seizures.  They said she has a virus but haven't said anything else yet.  Scarlett is six months old and they have put her on topomax and some other medication.  Purrs & prayers would be appreciated."

 "We are working on that & dad's left hand.  Daddy had
surgery for carpel tunnel syndrome on December 17th."

 "We are also purring & napping for my sweet Admiral (she's
doing better).  So, of course, I need lots and lots of treats to
keep my strength up.  No Thomas, you can't have my treats!!"

"Mom got this calendar from our shop.  Corwyn & Jennifer got the other calendar and went through it counting to see how many pictures there were of Zaphoid & Mister Kitten.  Stuff will be on sale a little longer since mom isn't up to repricing it yet!"