Friday, April 8, 2011

Are We Miscounting?? 498th...

 "Mom got this cat bed about a gazillllion years ago but I am the first cat to use it.  It is now mine.  Mine mine mine mine mine!!"

 "Mom!!  Star's trying to shove me off of the bed!!"

 "Admiral my love, this picture is just for you!!"

"I like being out on the leash, especially when it's warm.
But mom was sooOOOooo mad at me last night!!  I snuck out again!!  It took her half an hour to get me to come in.  Mommy is happy
that I don't go near the street but she worries when I go out without my leash.  I tell her it's Not Fair!  After all, the boys do it!"

"Breast cancer runs in mom's family and she thinks it is
Very Very Important to learn all about it!!"

PS Our friend Chrystal has had a hard day (and night!) which involved both good & bad news.  Please send her & her Youngest Daughter (who lost one of her rabbits!) purrs & prayers!!  Thanks!!  And as always, remember there are lots of wonderful kitties & woofies at her house waiting for Forever Homes!!