Monday, August 30, 2010

All Right Boys, What Did You Do With My Life?

I've been missing my black book (organizer aka my life!) for about a week now.  I really need it because it not only holds my appointments but has cards from all of the doctors that I and my children see and have seen within the last few years.  I have looked everywhere in the house and in my van.  Now there are some other things that have gone missing in this last week as well.  I suspect the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde.  They always look cute and innocent because that gets you treats.  But they are Ninjas with all that implies.  Star likes to attack from chairs, both sitting on the seat where he blends in somehow (even white ones!) or under them, although he will also use corners, doors, floors, and beds.  Suddenly a swift paw shoots out and tags you, aha!!

Zaphoid waits until you set something down on the bed and then lays on it so that you can't move it.  Well, so does Thomas and Mister Kitten.  This is a sacred duty.  Star doesn't do this because he would rather use his Mutant Ninja Powers on getting more treats.

"You are getting sleeeeeepy.  You will give me more treats.
You love to give me treats.  Treats are goooood.  Because the other cats put themselves first you will give me more treaaaaaats."

And so I suspect Da Boys.  Either that or it's Gremlins.  Okay boys, catch the Gremlins & tell them to bring my life!!

"Me-om!!  We're busy!!"