Wednesday, March 2, 2011

By The Way... Awesome Blog Award

We have received a very nice award from Admiral Herstorb. If you are not a regular reader of her blog, please check her out. She has the most floofy fur and Star is absolutely gaga over her!!  ::Star sends Admiral kitty kisses::

We're supposed to post 7 things about ourselves, so here goes…

1. Knives thinks that he should lie on top of mom to the exclusion of everyone else.
2. Audrey has decided that the cat window ledge in mom & dad's bedroom is HERS.
3. Zaphoid must go in and out and in and out and in and out... a LOT.
4. Thomas like to spray all over the house so that everyone knows that it is HIS.
5. Star is paws over tail about Admiral Herstorb and isn't ashamed to let anyone know it.
6. Star just jumped up here to make sure mom was typing everything up correctly.
7. Mom's been having a lot of migraines lately so we're making her nap bunches.  If we haven't blogged it's because we haven't let her on the 'puter.

We're also supposed to pass this on to 15 awesome bloggers, link to them, and let them know that we have given them an award. Wow, that’s tough, we've gotten to know so many awesome bloggers lately, especially via Cat Blogosphere.  So what we would like you to do is to track down anyone who has an awesome blog but doesn't have this award yet!  Make them pick this one up and catnab it!!  Thanks again to Admiral!!  ::kitty kisses from Star::

Cat Lesson's of the Day

 "Lesson 1: Remind your Feeder when it is time to
put up the blinds and feed you breakfast."

 "Lesson 2: Use your Laser Eyes to force them to
play with you when they are trying to nap."

 "Lesson 3: Use Adorableness and Cuteness to force
Feeders to give you Pettings and Scritches."

 "Lesson 4: Don't let them see you passing Supr Skrt Messages
to communicate with the Home Planet!"

"Lesson 5: Hide the Catmunication Device in a secure place."

PS please don't forget that our friend Handsome is a black Tim looking for a Forever Home!  He is living at the same place Audrey was living before she became a member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde.  It's a great place to live but all kitties are better off in their own Forever Home!!