Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Not flies, nor giants, nor dwarfs.  Nay!  It's seven new graphics in the shop!  Two of them went into Occupational Cats; Touch My Caffeine... and Exhausted & Overworked! 

Then I reopened Medical Expressions and revamped it.  I had already finished up 99% of the graphics for these when I was reading Doctor Grumpy in the House this morning.  Between blog & response I was inspired to draw just onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne more graphic for this section.  ::stares innocently at the ceiling::  Actually, it's all Thomas' fault.  No, really!!  If he or Star had helped me get to sleep last night, I might not have been in this kind of mood all day!  Howsoever, should you happen to go look, I hope you enjoy.  Regardless of your opinion, I'd love to hear it!!

white t-shirt (more items available!)

Here, May I Get That For You?

Star likes doors.  No, I mean Star likes doors.  We don't have conventional door knobs on our doors, but rather door levers.  This makes it much easier for Ninja Kitties to open doors.  Howsoever, Star had been defeated by our closet door.  Alas & alack (with much heavy kitty sighing, putting up of kitty paw to kitty forehead, and throwing of kitty self onto kitty cast iron fainting couch), he had been unable to open our sliding closet door.

You notice that I use the word "had".  ::head:desk::  Yes, it's true.  Star has defeated the closet door.  He was scratching on it for some time but we would just tell him to stop and off he would bound (to return later... in secret).  But finally... one day... he hooked his paw and voilà!  The door was open!  He bounded into the closet!!  Only to be caught and thrown out ignominiously onto his face whilst being told, "NO Star!!"  This did not deter a healthy young ninja kitty.  Nor did it deter the humans occupying the room, especially late at night when the sound of a healthy young ninja kitty getting into the closet woke them up!  Finally a small folding chair was put on the side of the outside sliding door in hopes of preventing our explorer.

Crash!!  Bang!!  ::head:desk::  He's opened it again two or three times now and then stopped.  But last night I woke up to him acting like a tennis shoe of mine was a rabbit.  Funny.  I don't remember leaving that one out.

If all goes well, this should be up in the shop this afternoon or by tomorrow evening.  I'm thinking under Caring Cats.