Friday, December 11, 2009

A Tumult of Teenagers

I'm not sure exactly how many young women from JCL will be invading my house tonight.  They are working on a project for Latin class on the founding of Rome.  Fortunately for my son, he'll be going to his father's house.  Star is laying on my lap at the moment, supervising the blogging, and keeping me from cleaning the office.  This is probably to do with him supervising my cleaning out of the van.  Three small trash bags of trash, two large bags going into the house of things that should have been brought in much earlier.  But now everything is back where it should be.

It's been cold lately and all of the cats have been staying with us at night.  I started out the night with Thomas on my feet and Star on my chest.  However, when I turned to my side, Star freaked out and went over to hang out with Kitten on the other side of Dale.  Thomas has been trying to play a dominance game and I've been having to explain to him that "No, Mommy is the dominant cat in the house, not you".  We've been having a lot of staring contests lately along with a few nose bops.

I'm going to see if I can finish putting up the New Year's kitties while Star is sitting on my lap and then make some more tea and get started on this... mess.