Saturday, May 26, 2012

Get Mom Some Chocolate Now!!

 "My boy took this picture, what do you think?"

 "I must really love him to let him do this!"

 "Yeah! Right there!!"

 "Hey! That's my toy!!"

Thursday I was at the Vandy Breast Center. Good news! I have benign fibroid breast tissue. I just have to see the docs twice a year because of my family history. Friday I didn't get onto the computer until late when disaster struck!! Suddenly the computer thought my Windows 7 was fake!! Oh no! And because it came with the Dell laptop I don't have a number that matches what they want. So I ended up having to reinstall Win7. Okay, no problem. Except it turned out that my backup did NOT have all of my pictures and NONE of my ai files with my cafepress pictures. I have some of the cafepress pictures from an old file but the disc that had the files is not loading. Ergo, none of the ai files. When they reloaded my files from putting in the new hard drive they didn't give me a backup thingee. So, I have lost 99% of my photos and graphics. I'd like to take a moment and suggest that everyone go out and buy a DVD disc and backup NOW! Me? I'll get chocolate when I do.