Friday, July 23, 2010

Oh Noes!! Mom's Pulling Out Her Hair Again!!

"Ow!  Mom is pulling out her hair again!  I think it has something to do with the camera batteries going kablewy and losing our pictures again!  This is frustrating because mom got some really good ones this time of the new kitchen and everything!"

"I've been doing my best to help out by making mom take naps and sleeping really really hard at night.  I am not doing it just to make Star jealous.  And I am not answering to Star's name.  Just saying.  ::gives best innocent look::"

Wow!!  There are some really great sleepers out there!!"Mom spoke to her friend last night.  They still have no news on her friend's ex-husband's cause of death.  Today is their children's birthday.  No, they are not twins!  The son is older than the daughter (even if she did produce a grandchild first!).  She hadn't heard yet about the kid's grandfather and how his surgery had done.  The children's late father will be cremated per his wishes and any ceremonies will be
held in a couple of weeks"

 "Because of mom's friend's ex-husband (boy that gets confusing!) passing away so suddenly, we've been having to look at the sleeping contestants Catch as Cat Can.  Plus mom has been working on finishing up the kitchen so our food bowls will stay in one place and not move around.  ::closes eyes & twitches ears::  (Mom should give us our own computer account like the young mom & dad have!!  It's not fair!!)  Anyway, as we do, we've been leaving messages about the Cool Cats that we've seen."

"So you, yes you (even you in the back, I know, you think I can't see you because you're scrunched down behind the guy in the blue sweater but don't be fooled!  bwahahahahahahaha!), are being given an extension!  That's right.  Because we haven't had enough time to really look properly, you now have until Monday midnight (because everycat knows that it's not the Witching Hour, it's the Twitching Hour, when we all twitch our ears about making decisions.  So, you still have a chance to put up a picture if you haven't already!!  Our next post will be the place to give us your votes for Catnapping Cats & what Cat-agories where you think they fit!  Things like Synchronized Sleeping, Coordinated Catnapping, and so on.  Keep a thesaurus & rhyming dictionary handy (or bookmarked on your computer! and I'm sure you'll do fine!)  ::grin::  We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde"
"There's a reason we made this bumper snicker"