Monday, June 28, 2010

Purrrs for Tanis!!!

"Our brother Tanis lives with Sarah in Nashvegas. 
He hasn't been eating since Wednesday and today
daddy went up there to help her take him to the vet.
He got blood draw for all kinds of tests!!!
Fortunately most of them were good news.
His blood sugar was up a little bit but the
vet lady said that was probably due to stress.
He had some white blood cells, whatever those are,
that made her think he had an infection.
They won't get the thyroid test back until tomorrow."

"Tanis is not a people cat and he does not like getting into the
cat box that takes you to the vet (does anyone??).
But today he only hissed a little bit.
And he didn't really yell while he was in the car.
The vet lady is keeping him overnight at the vet place."

"Tanis is going to get antibiotics and subcutaneous fluids
[Zaphpoid -that's a good thing!]
and we'll know more tomorrow.
Of course the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde
will be sending him purrs (he used to live here with us!)
and our Feeders will be sending him prayers."