Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Toys, Toys, Toys and a Water Fountain!

 "Wheeeeee!  This is smaller then we thought it would
be so it's easy for us to turn it upside but it's still fun!"

"Audrey is trying to get the ball and I'm checking out the
yellow ball on the spring.  We're not sure why the yellow
string things are there.  Mousies don't have fur like that!!"

 "Mom is unpacking the other two boxes...
fountain, check; new food bowl, check; jingle balls, check;
two led balls, check; new harness for Audrey, check!!"

 "This is our pretty new food bowl.  It's taller than the two
small ones but the bowls are the same size.  We have a set
that is the same height but has big bowls.  We like this better.  Especially those who are getting older.  heh heh heh"

 "This is the brand new fountain!  It is made by pioneer pet.
It bubbles up so it's louder than the other fountain (but
about the same as our older Petit fountain).  We like the way
it looks and bubbling is really nice for cats who like drinking
from streams and heavy flow taps.  Zaphy drinks more from
fountains like this which is good because he's older."

 "This is the Petmate fountain that Noodle & Olive didn't use which they sent to us!  It isn't very loud at all.  The water flows down from the hole you see just below where it says Petmate.  It's a trickle so cats who like to drink from little streams of water would like it as well as cats who don't like loud noises.  Mom got the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde their Petit fountain (which doesn't work because of the pump dying) because fountains are healthier, especially for older cats.  Flowing water encourages cats to drink more water which helps prevent kidney & bladder trouble.  At first mom put our fountain on the other side of the bookcase from our food.  Once we got used to the noise she put it closer.  We love fountains!!"

"Mom hit Petco on the way home from a doctor's visit last week.
She got Max cat food for us to try.  We like it but of course
what kind of cat food we get depends on the cost.  Mom won't
get 'store' brand food from the grocery though because she
knows that it costs more in the end.  We eat more of that
stuff (and it makes our litter box really really really stinky!!)."