Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who's That Knocking at Our Window?

"He's furry and a big pain in the a**" is what my husband just sang.  This morning it was Thomas.  You see, our vociferous cats (yes, even Mister Kitten, even though he doesn't have the classic Siamese voice)  have been trained to "knock" at the windows and doors to get our attention when they want into the house rather than scratch on the screens.  Now granted that this doesn't always work, but they are getting better.  So when you hear knocking at the window at our house, you immediately check for errant cats.

This means that my husband had to slip downstairs (split-level house) to let whomever was out.  Being half-asleep he wasn't sure who did what, although he did know that Zaphoid went Out, and that the skunk smell was back.  Our street backs up to about ten to fifteen acres of farmland (okay, they just grow hay) so we have a lot of 'critters' around.  Oddly enough, we're also within walking distance of a Krogers shopping complex.  Go figure. 

Back to Zaphoid, I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before or not, but Zaphoid doesn't care for kitty litter.  This means that we're constantly letting him in and out while we're awake.  This also means that he does his kitty best to hold it near our waking time so he can go to the "bathroom".  He has been known to wake me up for this purpose.  "Mom?  Mom?  Mom!  Mom!  Mooooo-ooooom!   Meeeeeee-oooooooom!  Gotta Go!" rather like a small child learning to potty.  Zaphoid is probably our most vocal cat so far as his own needs are concerned.

He is also known as Emo Kitty.  Poor Emo Kitty.  He often jumps up on the bed and when you ask him what he wants, he doesn't know.  He doesn't head out toward the food or the door.  He isn't making a "I'm sick, please take me to the vet." meow.  He talks and talks to you while you pet him until your arms fall off (and hopefully give him a good brushing as well).  Then he either gets up on one of the pillows or down at the end of the bed and lays with his head on his paw looking like a black poet.  I swear.  The picture of Emo Kitty comes straight from one of Zaphoid's favorite poses.

Sometimes I expect him to put on a black beret, start snapping his fingers or beating a drum, and reciting poetry about death, doom, and despair.  He lays his head over the side of the bed with the most worried look (and will purr if you pet him while he's doing this!).  When he first started doing this, I took him to the vet.  Nope!  Perfectly fine, absolutely gorgeous (all of my Tims can con the vet techs out of a gazillion treats! ::grin::), and completely healthy.  He's just our Emo Kitty.

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