Sunday, December 19, 2010

What We Want For Christmas...

 "We want mom to get a new camera because we're tired of seeing the same ones over and over and over and over and over and..."

 "Dad should fix the dryer or  they should get a new
one so I can have warm clothes to sleep on.  Because
warm clothes are extremely important for cats."

 "Dad's car needs to get fixed.  Mom put in a new battery but messed it up so his car's computer fried.  When get a new computer in it we'll find out what's wrong.  Oh, and mom needs a new tire for the van.  One of them blew out.  I blame my brother Zaphoid.  He likes to use the car tires for scratching posts.  Hmmm, maybe we need to have our scratching posts recovered!!  Dad's gotten sisal rope but no one can find his staple gun so he or mom can put it on!  Bad Feeders!!"

 "I think mom did get us a new toy with a scratchy thing
in the middle.  And she always gets us catnip.  But she'd
better get us GREENIES!!!  We all looooove the greenies!!"

"We did this all last night and this morning.
In and out and in and out and in and..."