Thursday, June 9, 2011

Start Getting Ready!!

 "My first birthday is coming up!!  Mom had it down as
the first but she ran across my records the other day and
it said mid-June so we're going to celebrate on Saturday
or Sunday depending on what's going on around here."

 "I've been helping taking especial care of mom 'cus she's been
hurting & Jen's in the hospital.  I am very good at this!!"

 "Don't I look ever so grown-up and stunningly beautiful??"

 "Yeah, I guess she's growing up.  She isn't hissing at me as much."

  "I would like everycat to come celebrate with us!  We may just
party allllll weekend!!  We'll have plenty of greenies & catnip & valerian (mmmmmmm valerian!) and lots of other yummy stuff!"