Friday, September 24, 2010

There's a Star on the Shed!!

This morning we were all running late.  Why??  Because Jennifer decided to sleep downstairs with me on Dale's side of the bed.  When the alarm went off she turned on the light and hit a button.  Now, silly me, I assumed she had hit the 'snooze' button.  Au contraire!  She had turned it off!!  Thus we woke up at 0715!!  Now, you must understand that the kids need to be at the bus stop by 0725.  Neither of them are Larks.  Both of them are Owls.  So there was nothing for it but that I take them to school.  Not something I really wanted to do given how I've been feeling but being tardy would have been worse.  We did stop at the local Krogers (just around the corner and almost on the way) so that Jennifer could pick up a lunch since we were out of ham.  Got to school at Whew!!

I stopped back by Krogers on the way home to get some gas since my van was on... fumes.  I pulled into the driveway and as I got out of the van, the neighbor helpfully pointed out, "Star's on top of the shed.  I don't think he can get down.  ::head:laptop::  Poor pitiful Star!!  I pulled over a chair to see if I could reach him, as our ladder is still at my mom's house in Nashvegas.  Almost!!  But he refused to come over the slope within reach of my hands.  Nothing else was taller that I could step on safely.  My neighbor queried about my success and I said that I needed a ladder.  She said that she might have one in her garage, put her dog in the house, and proceeded to look.  Just before she got to the garage, Star made a Mighty Leap!!  I called out, "Never mind!  He's down now!"  I guess it just took the threat, either that or he was worried about me climbing the ladder!!  Mister Kitten and Star came docilely inside whilst Thomas decided at the last minute he didn't really want to go in the back door.  ::rolls eyes::  At the moment there are no members of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitten Horde to be seen!  Guess no one wants morning treats!

 "Well?  What did you expect mom??  I am a Ninja after all!!"

Actually, I can, but....