Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Fall, A Cold & Boosting

For some reason, I'm not being able to put in any pictures today. After I posted last I fell down and hurt my right knee. The bruise covered my entire kneecap. Fortunately I make this stuff called Bruise Juice which makes bruises heal faster. Good thing because I just noticed a bruise on my other leg a few days ago and it's horribly purple! At any rate, just as I was starting to heal up from my fall I started getting sick. ::sigh:: So I've had the entire Horde sticking around in bed with me!! Please take a minute to stop by our Booster page! We only have four days to go and have only sold four t-shirts. We need to sell at least 20 shirts for them to print them. If I don't have 20 by the end I'll extend by a week in hopes that I can get the 20. I really really need to get Merlin's blood work done at least. Thanks!