Monday, April 25, 2011

A Hard Day's Day as repurrted by Star

First the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde would like to say "We'll meet you later" to Sweet Praline... Heaven's Newest Angel.

graphic made by Kitty's Cat Chat

Now.  ::huh::  Mom didn't wake up until 1000 because dad didn't get home until 0300 and mom wanted to make sure she was up to make sure he didn't let Star out accidentally.  Dad was actually just leaving when mom woke up and he started to leave before putting in our new window screen!!  Daddy said he was going to put it up this weekend but he kept doing Other Important Things.  Although we do have to admit that he was napping part of that time so...  Anyway mom made sure he stopped and put up our New Cat Proof  Screen!  Daddy said he didn't have time and mom said he did.  So he did and this is what it looks like.  We like having the window open but you can't make holes in the screen and you can't pop it out.  Poohbears!!
Mom still won't let me out even though I told her and told her and TOLD her that I was purrfectly fine!!  She went to the vet as soon as dad left.  She didn't even stop to put in her contacts!  Now I have to take a dropperfull of antibiotic twice a day along with the darn ole' drops in my eye!!  Do I look like I need to stay in??  Do I??  Do I???

This is me looking out the window and lamenting at mom that she's trying to take a picture of me AGAIN!!  And stop it with those compresses!!  They're hot!  Look at my furs!  Oh wait!!  My dearest Admiral!!  Close your eyes!!  I can't have you seeing my furs like this!!  And now mom is talking about starting to save up little by little once her SSD goes through (ps mom, you forgotted to call about that again today!) and do some remodeling in the back.

Daddy would need to have a workshop on the far right for his tools & the lawnmower and him to do stuffs so that he wouldn't keep leaving the door open.  Dad leaves the fence gate open sometimes.

This is where the shed is where dad has his tools right now.  Dad says it's not really big enough to do anything anyway.  I think he wants a carport & workshop combined so he can do work on cars in the winter.  ::snicker::

This is the view from the back fence toward mom & dad's bedroom window.  Mom's going to have to find someone to figure out how much it would cost to fence over the area.  Materials, building permit, labor lalala.  Of course, if mom had her wish the roof would be a roof roof and there'd be a way to heat the pool for the winter!!  ::grin::

These are the roses blooming at the corner of the house.  Mom cut two of them when she went to get my antibiotics to give to the vet people.

For all of our furfriends and their Feeders who need
this card this week...we'll all meet again some day.

PS Thank yous to "You Know Who You Ares" for your donations.  My antibiotics were $22 so that came in handy for mom to be able to pay for them!!  I say she'd better go get me some more greenies!!