Friday, April 23, 2010

Hide and Seek Presents!

So the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde Mighty Hunters evidently decided that we should play Hide & Seek Presents!  They have always enjoyed leaving presents for us and the Trouble Twins (Thomas & Zaphy who are out of the same litter from a stray Queen... who later became a Princess) were trained by the late Christopher (my first rescue as an adult who lived to be 16) to always put presents in a place where mom won't step on them.  All of the various members were taught this rule and have passed it down to every new member of the Horde as they've come along.

 "Any presents in here?  I need something to give to mom!"

Ah Spring!!  The time of giving mom presents!!  So far this year we've had one left on the floor and that wonderful present that got chased all around the bedroom in the middle of the night only to be left by the hall scratching post in the morning.  But wait!  What is this by the front door?  "There!!  By the hinge side so that mom doesn't step on it!!  It's a itty bitty present!!  A vole!  Look, mom, look!!  Don't you love your present?!"  ::shakes head::

Mister Kitten "Why does mom want this magnet??"
Thomas "It's all about you, trust me."