Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hey! It's Really Wet Outside!!

We don't have a flash flood warning out at the moment, just a T-storm warning.  But the major city just 30 miles north of us has has been declared a state of emergency.  The smaller town just below it has been declared a disaster area.  The carpet in our Wreck Room (where Da Boys have their window door etcetera) is wet about a third of the way in thus far.  ::crossing paws it won't go any further!::  Da Boys have gone out during breaks in the rain & thunder storms but have not been worried about tornadoes even when the siren went off at the airport, which is not too far from us, last night.  Last night they all stayed inside, this morning they all went outside at least once.  I'm not sure if I'll have my surgery tomorrow or not.  The children's hospital has canceled all elective surgery for tomorrow but the regular hospital, thus far, has not.  Of course, the children's hospital has water not only in their basement but in the first floor/lobby. 

"No worries mom.  See?  Sun comes out sometimes!"

"Make that loud noise stop!  I'm trying to sleep here!"

"I'm not in your space.  You can lay down somewhere else, right?"

"You are getting sleeeeeepy.  You will get out my brush.  
You will brush me until none of my fur comes out.  
Then you will get out the catnip flavored treats.
You will give them all to me..."

going to the large mug... this section isn't split in two yet & I'm getting off the 'puter in a minute!