Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day Two or Mom, Can We Get Rid of That Stinky Yellow Cat?

 "I really like my new toy!!  But I don't like that stinky yellow boy!  He's hissed and chased me three times!!  The other boys haven't even growled at me even though I tell them that this is my bed now!  Although I might learn to share it later. "

 "Mommy put a special food & water bowl just for me in the master bath but I found out where the stinky boys eat!!  Ha ha ha!!"

 "This is where my mom & dad take their baths.  I think I'll try it too."

 "Oh look!  Mom put down my very own little litter box!
It has wheat litter just like my stinky new brothers!"

"My Feeders wouldn't let me get on the kitchen table!!  Unfair!!
And when dad was cutting up meat for his infamous chili he
wouldn't even give me any!!  He is soooo mean!  I may punish
him by not sleeping at his feet tonight.  I wonder why mom
keeps saying I'm just like Star when he was my age?"

"PS mom helped me put up some info about my foster mom's
rescue for cats and woofies.  There is a linky to go to her blog.
If you can, please go there and make a donation or see
if there is a furfriend(s) whose Forever Home is your house!"