Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Surrounded by Cats... or We Need a Bigger Bed

All four cats slept with use last night.  I think the only reason that Sir Thomas of Snuggle deigned to join us was the fact that I had doctored him and gave him Greenies.  Yes, it was Greenie night at our house yesterday.  I had stopped by one of the Major Pet Store™ to buy a mondo bag of Iams® so, of course, had to pick up Greenies.

You see, while one can buy crunchy kitty treats at the grocery, unless they have Greenies... well, it's just not the same.  I also picked up mite medicine for Kitten (the only one with mites), ::sigh::, this results in a major struggle that ends in the realization by the 15 pound baby (largest cat in the house) that he is Getting the Meds No Matter What™.  So both ears got drops & rubs and he got Greenies for being a Good Boy™, along with pettings and murmurs of comfort. 

At that point, every other cat in the house (except Thomas who is above such things) came racing into the bedroom.  Greenies?  Greenies??  I've been Good, really I have.  I should get Greenies.  Moooooo-oooooom!!  Give me some Greenies!!  So, being the sucker I am...

Later, I noticed that Thomas had a small sore on his shoulder.  Time for an antibiotic... and you guessed it, Greenies.  Ergo, we ended up with all of the cats on the bed.  Kitten on the body pillow by my husband, Thomas between us, Zaphoid at the end of the bed.  Star was at my feet for a bit but ended up on the floor rather than come snuggle with me.  I think he feels that it isn't his place when Thomas is there.  I need to teach him that this isn't the case.  He is the smallest cat and thus low 'man' on the totem pole.  ::sigh::