Friday, July 29, 2011

Just Bouncing Through!!

 "Well, it's not me!!  It's hot again so I'm sleeping in the basin.  Besides which, it squishes Pernicious  Fleas!!"

 "It's not me either, although I can make you give me gooshy food with the power of my laser eyes!  bwahahahahahahahahaha!"

 "'cuse me.  I'm sleeping.  I got allll worn from... from... ::sigh::  okay, I'll admit it, I've started bounding & bouncing instead of
running like all of the other cats.  Jen also calls me a meercat because I can stand up so well on my back legs.  ::rolls eyes::"

 "As you can see, I have been teaching my young padawan,
Audrey, the ways of the Ninja Kitty.  I must say that I had
quite a chuckle though when dad asked mom how much
longer Audrey would need to be on a leash.  Mom looked
at him and said (which she'd done before ::kitty giggle::)
"Always!!  I promised that she would be an inside cat before
we got her."  Silly ole' daddy!!  In fact, the rest of us haven't
been going out as much either and mom has never ever let
us stay out at night (as if she had anything to say about it)!"

"Everycat around here is short of energy.  Seriously.
Don't get between them & their caffeine.  We really 
don't want to have to... well, let's just say that our claws
are in prime condition and leave it at that, shall we?"

PS Thomas is still MIA
PPS Mom is still sick
PPPS Mom lost all of her AI files with the shop graphics when her laptop fubared.  ::sigh::  She still looking for a backup copy.  Cross your paws!!  If mom has had you email in the past, please please email her!!  And don't forget to check out our shop!  Our vet bills in the last couple of months have totaled over $500 and we're still having problems with Pernicious Fleas.  meh.