Friday, June 25, 2010

Is It Friday Yet??

Last night there was a ninja cat in my bathroom.  No, really!!  A black cat on a black bathroom rug can not be see by the light of a nightlight.  He can, however be felt by the feet of someone used to stumbling upon cats in the night.  This was a good thing last night.  He also slept with me for a wee bit.  This morning Timmy was in the well again.  ::shakes head::  Zaphy and Thomas kept telling us about it.  Thomas was not inclined to let me know what he wanted so I finally escorted, ahem, him outside.  Odd, the moment I did he stopped complaining and perked up.  ::rolls eyes::

As for Zaphy, he wanted morning treats.  Well, and a nice place for a nap.  He kept nudge at the drapes on the window behind our bed.  He's never really been able to explore it before with the old waterbed frame.  But now we're using the pegged bed frame that my husband made for us to use in our medieval period tent.  He nudged and nudged and I gave in and pulled up the blinds.  He looked out for a minute, looked over at his window ledge, looked at the vastly smaller one on this ledge (which he could tell he wouldn't fit on!!) and decided to curl up behind my back.

Now the girlchild & I just have to get ready to go drive this afternoon for about an hour to pick up the boychild after his graduation from chess camp!

"Bushwah!  Do I look like a cat who would spend
his time camping out all night on a black rug?
Don't answer that!"

"Meom!!  Timmys in the well!!!"

"Meom!!  Meom!!  I swear!!  I swear!!
Timmys in the weeeeellllll!!!!!!"

"What??  I didn't say a word."
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