Monday, September 28, 2009

Now, let's see....

Two sections down... because I managed to actually finish up Season's Greetings and I already had חנוכה שמח done.  ::whewsh!::  So, next I'm planning on Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Cats.  But because you can't just copy a section, it will take some time.  I have to create each new section separately and then and then and then.  I also need to see if I can't track down someone more savvy in html than I to fix some stuff on the site.  I've got a fairly wide screen and I'd really like to make it work so that it would fill the screen correctly no matter what someone's screen size is; but that's a bit over my head!!  Sorry!  No speak computer!  ::rueful grin::

Which is rather odd really, since I can only draw on the computer.  You don't even want to look at what my hand drawings look like!!  At any rate, once I get through Wednesday or get in enough cards in the More Holiday Cards! section then I'm going to put up a Breast Cancer items in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I come from a family with a history of post-menopausal breast cancer.  As I say, my great-grandmother died, my grandmother had a radical mastectomy (and lived for years thereafter in remission!), my mother had a lumpectomy.  Oh yeah, I've been getting a yearly mammogram since I weaned my son.  I already have these graphics made, it's just a matter of putting them up... ergo, I give you a preview...

Go to Sleep Now??

I admit it, I didn't get to sleep last night until about... oh.... ooooh.... 4:30 am.  I woke up at about... oh... ooooh.. 6:30 am.  (I love my children soooo much).  As an upshot of this, I'm exhausted.  But I have to take my daughter to her Variety Show tonight & call is in less than an hour.

I did to manage to get twelve cards put up into Season's Greetings.  whew!  I still have three more graphics to put in there... including Mistletoe Cat.  I have one graphic to make for work tomorrow... then if nothing else happens I'll get this and the other two done and do Merry Christmas, Joyous Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, ... and on... and on... and on.... oh wait, I do have two doc visits tomorrow.  hrmmmm.


Okey dokey.  I've revamped my business cards & my brochures; so I went online to price getting some more made.OfficeDepot had exactly what I wanted.  But I like to compare shopping before I buy something.  Particularly when I have money issues.  I pull up Staples.  I find their page.  Looking, looking, looking.  Why yes, they do print business cards.  How much do they cost?  Shhhhhhh!  It's a secret!  ::rolls eyes::

Squeaky Wheel??

I got up this morning and went about my usual routine.  When I went into the kitchen there was a... unusual noise.

It was not a mouse.
It was not a bird.
But in my house,
A squeak was heard!

::shakes head::  Oberon evidently needs throat drops or perhaps some hot tea.  You guessed it.  He was the source of the squeaking!!

Second wind? Naaaaah

Not tonight anyway... I was lucky as it was to even get in what I managed.  Howsoever!  I finally managed to get in the first section in a new section called More Holiday Cards.  Right now, the only thing up in it is the Hebrew Version of Happy Hanukkah.  In this new section, each section will consist of a greeting and then within the section you pick which of the cats you would like.  For this particular section I created a new cat... meet Kippah Cat!!  Now I just need to get some sleeeeeeeep.  I am starting to feel better though.  ::crosses fingers::